STOP! And ask to ensure your safety

Posted on Thursday, October 27th

At Traffix we take safety very seriously, the safety of the general public, our employees and our contractors is paramount in all of our everyday working practises.


However, we are always asking the question; can this be improved? Following such a question we have now introduced STOP, another safety initiative designed for all Traffix staff.

STOP is a campaign aimed to encourage our staff to ask a question should they find themselves not confident of something or if they spot a potential hazard.

Everyone has a responsibility to ask a question if they are unsure of the outcome as a direct result of a proposed action. We are saying to all of our staff STOP!  Ask a supervisor or manager to ensure that safety is maintained at all times.

Safety - STOP is geared towards the individual’s and other peoples’ continued safety.
Traffix has rules, processes and procedures in place to provide a safe working environment at all times, following these guidelines eliminates incidents, accidents and dangerous occurrences.  
Observe the applicable risk assessment and method statement we’ve developed which help, reduce and prevent hazards and risks in the workplace.
Prevent injury and loss to yourself and others around you by stopping work and asking the right questions.

This campaign and safety initiative forms part of the Traffix commitment to ensuring the Health, Safety and Welfare of not only our employees, but also those who can be affected by our actions or work activities.